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Our Congregation

St. Mark’s has 1000+ members, as well as many other regular attendees. In addition, we also have many winter residents, who arrive between October and January, and depart for cooler climates in April or May. With three worship services on Sunday mornings, attendance is generally 250-350 at the traditional services and approximately 100 at The Gathering. Our congregation is truly a mix of ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, political beliefs, sexual orientations, economic levels, and more! No one should feel that there isn’t a place for them at St. Mark’s. While we don’t all agree on every subject, we choose to nurture all that we have in common. We’re happy to work together to serve Christ in the world!

Our Pastors

Rev. Sharon Ragland

Senior Pastor

Welcome to St. Mark’s UMC! We are a United Methodist congregation that truly seeks to live out “open hearts, open minds, and open doors". Our people actively seek to show hospitality to newcomers. We are also deeply committed to reaching out and serving in our community.

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Church Staff

Many other people help make the ministries of St. Mark’s possible. Please Click here for church staff information.

Our Campus

Spread across seven acres, our campus includes a number of buildings and special areas.

Outside of St. Mark's UMC with the new electronic signboard
Aerial view of St. Mark's UMC