1. Children & Families
  2. Youth Ministries
  3. Adult Ministries
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Adult Ministries

Sunday School

We currently offer three ongoing adult classes at 9:45 and one at 11:15. You can find more details on our Classes and Registration page.

Additional Christian Education

St. Mark’s offers many short-term classes throughout the year. (Short-term classes generally last for four, six or eight weeks.) Some are offered on Sunday mornings, others during the week. Some are daytime classes, others meet in the evening. Since the options change frequently, we encourage you to make a habit of checking the worship bulletin announcements, the church newsletter and/or our Classes and Registration webpage for the latest topics

Fellowship/Service Groups

We are called to be in relationship with God, and also with one another. Faith and friendships grow when we gather together to enjoy fellowship and/or offer our service to others. Here are some of the ongoing opportunities you’ll find at St. Mark’s. For more details, please contact the church office.

Family Ministries

The Family Ministries Committee provides members and friends of St. Mark’s with enjoyable events and activities throughout the year which bring families together and encourage entertainment and fellowship for adult and children. See the sidebar on the right for a listing of the current year’s scheduled activities.

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Fine Arts and Crafts Guild

St. Mark’s Fine Arts and Crafts Guild celebrates God’s creativity by highlighting the special gifts and talents of artists and encourages art appreciation in our congregation and community. We affirm those who have found ways to express their God-given creative passion and encourage those who are still searching. The guild is open to any interested participants. It sponsors arts and crafts classes for St. Mark’s and the surrounding community, with a focus on fostering and nurturing spiritual growth, and hosts an annual arts and crafts show.

Handy Hands Ministry

The Handy Hands Ministry was started in September, 2015. It consists of volunteers from our congregation providing simple household repairs for others in the congregation. All individuals who attend St. Mark's may volunteer or request service to be part of this ministry. The types of services provided are determined by the skills of the volunteers and the complexity of the problems. Those who don't have the necessary skills or physical ability for specific tasks can request help, i.e. senior citizens, singles, persons with physical limitations, homebound individuals, those recovering from surgery/illness, etc. However, this ministry is not for emergency requests.


Although HeartWorks meets as a group once a month at the church, participants can also contribute their time and efforts from home. HeartWorks members sew duffle bags for children taken into protective custody. Colorful fabric bags, complete with a pocket and a small stuffed animal, are a much more compassionate receptacle for a child’s quickly-packed belongings than the trash bags that were previously used to transport their items. Even people who don’t sew can participate by cutting out fabric and preparing the “kits” to be sewn.

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The Mark-a-ritas are a group of women who believe it's important to have girlfriends at church, too! They organized themselves to provide a fellowship opportunity for women in "that mid-life stage." Their children (if they had any) are no longer young, and yet most of the women are still working and not available for the weekday activities of retirees' groups. However, there are no specific age requirements, and new participants are always welcome! The Mark-a-ritas meet monthly and take turns planning the activities. Whether an event is strictly social or includes a study or service project, you can count on the fact that plenty of conversation and laughter will be included.


A men’s group that meets on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month for breakfast and fellowship at 7:30 a.m. at Coco's (7250 N. Oracle Road). Breakfast is served from the menu and the meetings are over by 9:00 a.m.

Men's Service Group

A group of men in the St. Mark’s congregation periodically band together to work on needed projects at local non-profit organizations that lack the labor or resources (or both) to accomplish these projects on their own. As examples, the Men’s Service Group has constructed additional fencing around Tucson Hospitality Inn, and has painted at the Marana Food Bank and at a local women’s shelter. New participants are always welcome.

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Open Doors

Open Doors is a group dedicated to the support of those with family members who have special needs. We strive to ensure that St. Mark's is a safe and inviting place for people of all physical, mental and emotional abilities and disabilities. Our motto is to "Catch Compassion," and we seek to empower people to become more intentional and educated about interacting with people with disabilities.

Over 50's

This group of retirees gets together once a month for lunch, dining at a variety of restaurants in the Tucson area throughout the year. Both couples and individuals are welcome to attend. Watch the Sunday bulletin announcements or the Messenger for monthly locations and the deadline date for reservations.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Volunteers knit or crochet shawls for those in hospitals, care facilities, etc. Shawls are also presented at the time of baptism. The group typically meets at the church on the last Saturday of the month. Shawls may be created from home, once the individual has received appropriate instructions.


A subsidiary group of United Methodist Women, the St. Mark’s Quilters meet on Thursday mornings to plan patterns, cut fabric and quilt, as well as to enjoy conversation while they work. Some quilts are created by custom order; others are available for purchase. All funds earned by the St. Mark’s Quilters are used for missions that support women and children.

United Methodist Women

Open to all women, this organization primarily focuses on educational information and support of missions – locally, nationally and globally. More information can be found on our Missions page, and the annual schedule for UMW program topics can be found on the sidebar to the right.

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