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Belief Matters: Incarnation –The Surprising Overlap of Heaven & Earth, by William H. Williman

Facilitated by Judy Boroto

Christ is the Incarnation of God; not only one who talks about God but also the one who is God. The idea that Christ was both divine and human will always be a mystery, and therefore many Christians prefer not to discuss it, saying that what they believe won’t change one way or the other. Maybe, but wouldn’t learning more about the Incarnation—a major biblical theme—help us think more clearly about our faith and in turn help us to love God more fully?

The doctrine of Incarnation is our human attempt to make sense out of an event that has happened, is still happening – heaven and earth overlapping, interlocking in a Jew from Nazareth who lived briefly and died violently. Then three days later, the women shout, “He’s back!” God here, God now.

Books will be available by May 6, ($9), or you may purchase them on your own from Amazon if you prefer.

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May 22

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

(1 session)

Rm 23
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time: The Historical Jesus and the Heart of Contemporary Faith, by Marcus Borg

Facilitated by Linda Walker

Many of us have known about Jesus since we were children. As we grow and mature, sometimes what we “know” or “know about” Jesus needs to be reexamined in light of our changing understandings, questions and concerns.

In Mr. Borg’s words, “The foundational claim of this book is that there is a strong connection between images of Jesus and images of the Christian life, between how we think of Jesus and how we think of the Christian life.”

To quote Walter Wink of Auburn Theological Seminary: “In every generation there is a handful of writers of whom it can be said, ‘Read everything they write.’  Marcus Borg is one of them today, a writer of rare lucidity, original scholarly insights, profound spirituality, and the unusual capacity to connect it all to life in the present.  He might just change your mind—or life.”

Books are $10 and will be available by May 6 for advanced reading, or you may purchase them on your own from Amazon if you prefer.

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June 5-July 10

(6 sessions)

Rm 17/18
Convicted: A Crooked Cop
by Andrew Collins, Jameel Zookie McGee and Mark TabbFacilitated by Sandi HeilmanWhen a corrupt white police officer knowingly sent an innocent black man to jail in 2005, their relationship had every reason to end in rage and revenge. So how did these two men end up as friends? Discover the answer in Convicted: A Crooked Cop, An Innocent Man and an Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness and Friendship. This compelling, true story shows how they grew up just a few miles apart, but in two different worlds. Spoiler Alert: The ending would have been much different if faith hadn’t played a part in their story!

You’re invited to acquire your own copy of the book: hardcover (approx. $15); e-book (approx. $10); audio-book (approx. $20). Read the book and come ready for a lively discussion. This study is open to anyone interested, regardless of age.


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June 18

7:00-8:30 p.m.

(1 session)