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The St. Mark’s campus is a busy place, both day and night, with a variety of different activities taking place. If you’re looking for an event or needing to confirm a time, the calendar should be able to help. Please keep in mind that sometimes details change without the office’s knowledge. In addition, we provide space for numerous non-profit organizations to meet on our campus, and their schedules may not be reflected in the church calendar.

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Sermon Recordings

We’re pleased to offer recordings of the sermons shared during Sunday morning worship. You can visit the listing of recent sermons by selecting “Sermons (audio)” near the bottom of the sidebar on the right side of this page.   Hear more...

The Messenger

The Messenger is our church newsletter, published every two weeks, full of news about upcoming events and reports on recent activities. Staying informed is a great help to feeling connected at St. Mark’s!

The Messenger is available through online delivery or home delivery via the postal service. While online delivery saves postage and natural resources, our primary concern is good communication. Please select whichever version is most effective for you! (You can also request a change in delivery method at any time.) We use for email marketing you can trust.

All articles submitted for The Messenger must observe deadline dates and include name and contact information.

Pastor's Weekly Email

Our senior pastor sends out a weekly email message, most often on Fridays. It is available to anyone who wishes to receive it. (See “Pastor’s Weekly Email Signup” in the right-hand sidebar of this page). In this message, the pastor shares some personal thoughts and often highlights aspects of the coming Sunday’s worship. There are also a few announcements and/or reminders from the church office. (An unsubscribe link, found at the bottom of each email, allows an individual to remove their email address from the distribution list at any time.) We use for email marketing you can trust.   Sign up...