Our church family is happy to welcome you to St. Mark’s… both online and in person! We are a diverse congregation, representing many ages, backgrounds and beliefs. But we are bound together by our love for God and Jesus Christ, and for our fellow humankind.

We’ve created a DVD that provides an introductory overview of our programs and our campus. If you’re looking for a church home, we'd be pleased to send you a free copy upon request!

Come Worship with Us

Join us each Sunday for any of our worship services:

  • 8:15    Traditional Service
  • 9:45    Traditional Service
  • 11:15  The Gathering  What's this?...

You're also welcome at our Wednesday Night Ministry from 5:45 – 7:15 pm. There's something for all ages!

We offer both traditional and contemporary styles of worship. What do we mean by that?

Our traditional services include organ and/or piano music, and anthems from our Chancel or Folk Choirs. Our congregational singing makes use of the hymnbook, as well as projections on a large screen. Our contemporary service is called The Gathering. Music is generally provided by our Praise Team vocalists and band. Words for congregational singing, as well as many other portions of the service, are projected onto the large screen. The Gathering is an energetic, multi-sensory worship experience. At any service, you will hear the same scripture and message for the week. All of our services are inter-generational; it’s a matter of personal preference but not age!

Complimentary nursery care is available during each service, but children are also welcome in worship. On all but the first Sunday of each month, our worship includes a time with the children (and frequently involves puppets). In addition, on the north wall (near the organ) you’ll find a door to the infant hospitality room -- a place for parents and young worshippers who may be in need of feeding, changing or comforting. Feel free to slip through that door at any time.

Our worship bulletins may give you additional information about our services. In the sidebar on the right of this page, please see the box indicating Sunday Bulletin and Announcements.

Sunday School

Sunday School is an important way of growing in our Christian faith and is offered for all ages. Sunday School also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet and bond with others!

9:45  Children's Sunday School
9:45  Youth Sunday School
9:45 & 11:15  Adult Sunday School

Life Events

  • Baptism

    In our United Methodist tradition we baptize infants, as well as people of all ages. Baptism is one of two sacraments (Holy Communion is the other), and it takes place in our worship services, within the community of faith. We believe that God’s Spirit comes upon a person at baptism, names them “Christian” and initiates them into a life of faith. Membership is not a requirement for parents to have an infant or child baptized. Arrangements for a baptism begin with a meeting with one of the pastors. To arrange for that, contact the church office. (There are no charges for baptisms.)

  • Confirmation

    Our church is deeply committed to the care and growth of young people in their faith. Young people in eighth grade (or older) participate in a year-long confirmation program, which prepares them to confirm their faith in a worship service (usually held in May) and gives them the opportunity to become church members. In confirmation, young people make a commitment to Christ and to grow in being Christ’s disciples. For information about confirmation, contact the church office. There is no cost for participation in confirmation.

  • Weddings

    Our sanctuary and outdoor chapel are available for weddings for both members and non-members. For information about scheduling and fees, contact the church office.

    Our pastors spend time in preparation with couples before officiating at weddings. The pastors consider marriage a sacred covenant, with vows made before God and one’s family and friends. Arrangements for a pastor to officiate at a wedding to be held either at our church or another location begins with a conversation with a pastor. To arrange for that, contact the church office.

  • Memorial Services & Funerals

    The people and pastors of St. Mark’s extend compassion and care to families when they are faced with the loss of a loved one. We hold both memorial services and funerals at our church, and also offer receptions after services. We believe that all people are offered God’s grace – God’s abundant love – and that celebrating the life of a loved one gives people a chance to acknowledge that grace and begin the process of healing. To find out more about memorial services or funerals at our church, contact the church office. Our pastors may also be available for services at funeral homes or other locations. Church membership is not a requirement for receiving such care.

The 'Red Umbrella' Information Booth at St. Mark's UMC

Questions on Sunday mornings?
Just look for the large red “Info” umbrella!

What to Expect

Parking: You can enter the St. Mark’s campus from either La Canada or Magee, and we have a north, south and west parking lot… all of which are connected to one another. The north lot (along Magee Road) is the closest to the sanctuary, where worship is held. The south lot (from the La Canada entrance) is nearest to the church office and the Fellowship Hall. Both the north and south lots have reserved spaces for those with disabled parking placards or plates.

Dress: We invite you to dress as you are comfortable, and you’ll see a variety of styles at St. Mark’s – suits and dresses, jeans and shorts, heels and sneakers!

The congregation: Our congregation is truly a mix of ages, ethnicities, educational backgrounds, political beliefs, sexual orientations, economic levels, and more! No one should feel that there isn’t a place for them at St. Mark’s. While we don’t all agree on every subject, we choose to nurture all that we have in common. We’re happy to work together to serve Christ in the world!

New in Worship: We won’t ask you to stand up and introduce yourself! You may have the opportunity to raise your hand so an usher can bring you a packet of information, but that’s up to you. The “purple packets” are also available as you leave worship, so you can simply help yourself. We also pass a registration pad down each pew, and everyone is invited to sign in. We hope you’ll include your name, because it helps us get acquainted. Contact info (address and/or email) will allow us to keep you informed of upcoming events, but you don’t have to fear an unexpected visit!

Membership Information

You’ve felt a nudge or pull, but you’re not sure what to do or what it means to be a member at St. Mark’s. You have come to the right place to begin to find answers. Any of our pastoral or program staff will be happy to visit with you any time about the commitment and community of membership. We would consider it a privilege to have you be a member of our church family as we seek to grow in faith and serve God in all we do.

  • Types of Membership

    A Professing Member -- Professes one’s faith in the trinity (God, the Father Almighty, Jesus, his only son, and the Holy Spirit). Commits one’s prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness to the church. Is officially added to the membership records of St. Mark’s and The United Methodist Church. Has been baptized. Can vote and participate in church business.

    An Affiliate/Associate Member -- Maintains membership at two churches (both United Methodist or one of another denomination). Enjoys the same benefits of professing membership. Agrees to the same commitments and meets the same requirements of a professing member.

    A Baptized Member – Has received the sacrament of baptism in a United Methodist Church, or has received Christian baptism in another denomination and later transferred to a United Methodist Church.

  • "Exploring Membership" Class

    Next Class: Spring, 2018
    Dates & Time: Sundays, April 8 and April 15 (Double Sessions)
    11:00am - 2:30pm, in the Library

    A light lunch will be served mid-session both days.

    Whether you are a new Christian, transferring from another denomination or from another United Methodist Church, we ask that you attend "Exploring Membership." The 4-session class is offered quarterly, with variations in day and time, in hopes that everyone can find a class that suits their schedule.

    Classes will provide information and discussion of the following topics:


    The St. Mark's Congregation and Campus

    Questions of Theology (Who are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit?)

    The United Methodist Church

    How Do I Find My Place at St. Mark's?


    Just as important as the topics is the fact that the classes will allow you to become better acquainted with St. Mark's staff members and other class participants. Even life-long Christians and United Methodists have more to learn and much to share!

    To register online for Exploring Membership, please go to Classes and Registration at the top right corner of this page. (You may also contact the church office or sign up at the Adult Ed. bulletin board on Sundays in the courtyard.)

  • Q + A's for Potential Members

    What is a United Methodist?

    First of all, we are Christians. That means we strive to follow the life, example, and teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in God (Father/Creator, Son/Redeemer, and Holy Spirit/Sustainer).

    As Christians who are specifically United Methodist, we determine our beliefs based on: Scripture, reason, tradition, and experience. We believe that faith in God is expressed in acts of mercy and compassion which are outcomes of our prayer and study.

    Why be a member?

    God seeks a personal relationship with each one of us. Church membership is one way to welcome that invitation.

    What can our church expect of its members?


    Their Prayers ...for the life and ministry of St. Mark’s ...for the support of the church family, the community, and the world.

    Their Presence ...in worship services each week ...education and service groups.

    Their Gifts ...in financial support of the church’s budget and missions ...in their individual, unique talents.

    Their Service ...in ministry and mission ...in fellowship and caring.

    Their Witness ...in sharing their faith through words and actions.

    In addition to these five traditional United Methodist vows, St. Mark's asks its members to make an additional vow -- to faithfully participate in a discipleship growth area or small group at St. Mark's. This can take many different forms and is discussed during the Exploring Membership class.

    What can our members expect of the church?


    Bible-centered, Christ-centered worship and ministry.

    Christian education spanning the total age range of its members.

    Opportunities and challenges to serve God within and beyond the local church.

    A gathering of people with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, where everyone may not agree, but all will be heard, as we strive to live and grow in Christian community.

    Staff responses to personal communication.

    Visits by pastors, staff, or church volunteers during times of need.