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April 24, 2018 Vol. 58, No. 08
April 10, 2018 Vol. 58, No. 07
March 28, 2018 Vol. 58, No. 06
March 14, 2018 Vol. 58, No. 05

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The Messenger

You can get your copy of our newsletter, The Messenger, online.

The Messenger is St. Mark’s bi-weekly newsletter, which aims to keep the congregation informed about church programs and people. It is available for home delivery by the USPS, or via electronic delivery. Those who opt for the online version of the Messenger receive an email notification each time a new issue is available and can access it by clicking the link in the email.

What are some advantages of the online version?

  • Saving natural resources and expenses!
  • Receiving the news sooner!
  • Having the ability to enlarge the size of the print!
  • Viewing more photos and graphics in color!

You can request online delivery of the Messenger by going to the sidebar on the right of this page. However, if a home-delivered copy is preferable to you, we’re just fine with that. Our goal is good communication, in whatever version works best!

Wass Up? (Youth Newsletter)

Our youth newsletter, Wass Up?, is not a separate mailing sent to homes with 7th-12th graders. It is intentionally included within each issue of the Messenger, because the majority of our congregation is interested in knowing about the youth activities and in supporting their programs and fundraisers! It’s easy to spot the Wass Up? page within the printed Messenger… it’s always on colored paper.

Wass Up?, our youth newsletter is available online.