Risking New Things

Risking New Things

In July, as the senior high youth and chaperones were getting ready to embark on their Sierra Service Project mission trip to San Diego, I stood in the Wesley House with them and asked, “How many of you are going on SSP for the first time?” Several hands went up and I thought, “Good for them, taking the risk to go on a new adventure!” Some looked excited and others looked a little timid. All of them got into the vehicles and set off, and had a great time of learning and serving, growing in their faith in Jesus.

Risking new things can be frightening. This time of year is filled with new things. We send children to new classrooms, and young people off to college. We sign up for classes and mission projects, and start new programs. These and other new things can inspire a least a few stomach flutters, if not outright anxiety.

What would it be like if we never risked new things, never confronted those stomach-flutters and moved ahead? Not only would we miss a lot, we would also not learn how to deal with our fears, and know the presence of God in the midst of them.

In the Upper Room Disciplines devotion from yesterday, August 16, Kyndall Rae Rothaus says, “We know that the brave are not always fearless. They are often very afraid and for good reason, but they act upon their conviction anyway. Perhaps wise people simply know how to prioritize their fears. They are not fearless, but they fear some things less than others. A wise person may think, ‘I fear the loss of my integrity more than the loss of a job … I fear a loveless life more than I fear the pain of loving ….’”

While Kyndall is not exactly talking about risking new things, she does remind us that God is with us in the midst of our fears and guides us through, if we are willing to go on an adventure with God.

This Sunday, August 19, as part of our series on Connecting God to the Word – the Church in Mission, we’ll hear on video from two youth who went on mission adventures, and talk about taking the risk to do new things, in Jesus’ name. We’ll talk about how we set an example for others by doing that, and lead the way in spreading the love of Jesus.

Blessings, Sharon