It’s All In The Name

It’s All In The Name

At one time I got my hair cut at a salon named Abby’s Awesome Aura, or “AAA.”  What a goofy name, right? One day, as the owner—whose name was NOT Abby—was cutting my hair, I asked her why the salon had that name. “Why, that puts us first in the phone book, don’t you see?” she said. The name had little to do with what went on in the salon, but apparently it got her new customers!

What about our name as Christians? Those named “Christian” are followers of Jesus, who gave everything for us so that we would know new life—hope, peace, joy, salvation and life. Pretty AAAmazing, isn’t it?

What does the name Christian require of us? It requires us to be obedient to the ways of Jesus, learn about him, devote our lives to him. I don’t like to have to be obedient to anyone or anything, truly. Yet I have said I want to be named by Jesus, and so I need to try to live out his compassion, his compulsion to heal and strengthen people, his willingness to go where others would not go, his love for all people and his desire for all to be drawn into his saving life. This is more than challenging in today’s world—to be Christian, to live up to the name.

Only with the help of God can I do so. And so I invite you to pray with me:

Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.  Melt me, mold me, fill me, use me, in the name of Jesus, who I this day seek to follow.  Remove judgement of others from my thoughts and words.  Keep my words loving and pure.  Make my actions a reflection of the name you have given me.  Help me work with others to sanctify—that is to make holy—your hurting world. When people would hurt others, help me soothe them, in your name. May my actions seek to relieve suffering, as You, as Jesus does. Amen.

What’s in a name?  How about ICS?  Interfaith Community Services. This Sunday, September 9, we look at that name and that place as one that relieves suffering, and how we get to be part of that as God’s servants. Casey Compernolle, who chaired our Missions Committee for over ten years, and has been our long-term representative to ICS will help me with the message this Sunday. See you in worship!

Blessings, Sharon