On the Move!

There are times when it is good to stand still. That gives us a chance to listen, to notice, to rest a bit and perhaps regroup. Jesus stopped for times of prayer and quiet. That usually didn’t last too long, as the disciples and crowds began to press in on him. And he was on the move again.

We know it’s not good for us to stand still for too long. When we do our muscles tighten up and our view becomes limited.

At St. Mark’s our worship gives us a chance to stop, listen, rest, learn and be renewed and strengthened. John Wesley believed this time with God was essential for our growth as Christians. We don’t stay in the pews too long, though. Jesus calls us out into the world. Wesley believed that true obedience to our faith required living it out in the world. Getting out into the world connects us to God and others in ways we can seldom predict—that connection happens when we take the risk to move.

That’s why we’ve been talking about Connecting God and the World—the Church in Mission. We’ve had a chance to visit places near and far where St. Mark’s is involved in reaching out in order to relieve suffering. This week we take a journey to Nash Elementary School, where our Nash Neighbors Ministries have made a difference for 15 years. This week we’ll find out the ways we’ve all been involved in helping children, teachers, staff and families through that work.

Next week, Sept. 23, we’ll learn about the ways we’re addressing homelessness in Tucson. St. Mark’s is also on the move in other ways as we make plans to initiate livestreaming our worship services and continue to explore the possibility of an additional site for St. Mark’s to reach new people.

Today, I’m mindful of those who could be affected by the massive storm on the east coast, and pray:  Lord God, protect and guard all those in the path of the hurricanes.  We stop for a moment right now and earnestly make that request. Protect first responders and others who help. Give us compassionate hearts for all who struggle. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Blessings, Sharon