Lost Things

This week I lost several things. First, my office and house keys went missing. Then my pink spiral notebook disappeared. In this I keep all of life’s important notes like who to call and who I’ve called, my to-do list, initial notes — you get the picture.  Then this morning I couldn’t find my phone, which I knew I put on the charger next to the bed last night.

When my things are lost, I feel a little lost and disoriented. More than that there are times when I simply feel lost, like when I’m afraid, angry, uncertain, have too much to do, or am just at loose ends. At times I feel lost to God, like searching in the dark, “where are you, God?”

We’ll celebrate Holy Communion this Sunday as we talk about What’s In a Sacrament and specifically What Happens in Holy Communion? 

Something struck me as I was looking for my phone this morning. Sometimes we are lost ourselves. In Holy Communion God finds us, lost as we are. God draws us into the words and bread and cup and rejoins us to God in Jesus Christ. We are invited to begin again, offering our found-selves to God once again.

A great thing about Holy Communion is that we do it together. All God’s lost ones receive from the loaf and the cup and are drawn to one another as well as to God.  We belong to God and each other, one of the main meanings of sacrament — to become part of the one who loves us, God in Jesus Christ.

Well, one of our staff people found my keys right where I left them. Another staff person said, “Did you put your pink folder in a bag?”  Sure enough, I’d stuck in my Disciple Class bag.  And my phone? Wrapped in the covers, I’d somehow grabbed it in the night and promptly lost it in the blanket. I found it made into the bed. (I hear you laughing.)

In part, God gave us sacraments so God could find us in the ordinary things of life — water, bread, juice or wine. Come and see.

Blessings, Sharon