Taking it with you?

You may know this scenario. When we travel by airplane we have to limit what we take with us on a trip. But when we travel by car, we can take whatever will fit. Even as we’re ready to pull out of the driveway I’ll sometimes say, “Oh, I forgot…” and run back in the house for one more very necessary thing like extra flip-flops or tortilla chips.


Recently, a man who is new to Tucson and our church came to see me. He said, “My wife and I had everything—the big house, lots of furniture and toys, two cars and a motor home. Then she got sick, so we began to get rid of things like the big house and motor home. It was sad, but freeing in a way. After she died, I let go of a lot more and now that I’ve moved here to live near my kids I’ve got even less. I can’t say I’m totally happy because I miss my wife so much, but I don’t miss much of the stuff. Once in a while I wish I hadn’t gotten rid of such-and-such. One day I realized, though, that the only things I can take with me are contentment with how I’ve lived and a lifetime of spectacular memories.”

Those are pretty much his exact words. We begin a new sermon series this Sunday, June 2, as we celebrate Holy Communion. The series is called Words to Think About and begins with What the Bible really says about….Greed. There are things the Bible never talks about, but it does talk and give us advice about wanting more and more, and wanting what belongs to others. There is a well-known verse in Proverbs 1:19 that says, “Such is the end of all who are greedy for gain; it takes away the life of its possessors.” I think it’s easy to become greedy when we’re afraid or far from God because we try to fill our emptiness with things rather than the peace that God offers.

What will we ultimately take with us? A contentment with how we’ve lived and spectacular memories? What is God saying to you today about this?

Blessings, Sharon