“I just worship that guy.”  “I worship the ground she walks on.”  When we use the word “worship” what do we mean?  Perhaps we mean that we spend a lot of time with what we worship or money or time thinking and pondering over whatever it is.

If that’s how we think of it, I’d say that today it’s easy to worship our phones, sports teams, hobbies, or TV shows. Do we “worship” those? I think that what we worship forms and shapes us – affects what we think, read, watch, and do.

In the Scriptures, when people worship something or someone other than God, the writers call it “worshiping idols” or “idolatry”.  Idolatry is making a god out of something other than God. From beginning to end, the Scripture is very critical of those who do that.

I think we can spend a lot of time talking about today’s idols, but I think we pretty much know what they are. Think about it. What things or people do you “worship” – let form and shape you, affecting what you think, read, watch and do?

This Sunday, July 23, as we continue with Words to Think About we’re going to approach idolatry a different way. Rather than just talking about what we worship today, I’m going to invite us into thinking about how to best worship God. What in our daily lives can we do to draw our attention from things that are temporary or unhelpful to the things that bring us joy and peace? You see, that’s what worshiping God does – shapes our lives into one of joy and peace. We can enjoy the things of life, but it’s what shapes us into Jesus’ followers that truly makes a difference. Part of this is deciding what is truly important for us – for our time and attention, our energy and resources.

What can we do to worship God and thus let God shape our lives into one filled with joy and peace?  Come and see. Come and hear (8:15; 9:45; 11:15 a.m.).

Blessings, Sharon


P.S.  In the next and upcoming Messengers watch for reports from those of us who attended the Desert Southwest Annual Conference meeting June 12-16. Ten teams have been formed to work on DSC Way Forward. To read now about those go to dscumc.org (the website for the Desert Southwest Conference).