Life Is Challenging

Life has many challenges. That’s no secret. Yesterday Art and I were talking about chronic illnesses and how those change and challenge peoples’ lives. There is much that causes anxiety and uncertainty in our country and in the United Methodist Church.

Every day I try to look for the places where God is working and become part of that.  That helps me with life’s challenges because it shifts my anxiety from “what do I have to do” to “how can see where God is working and join in.”

I see God working in countless ways. Our staff talks and works together so that many things happen in Jesus’ name. Our youth and leaders leave today for their mission trip to San Diego and take our prayers with them. On a beautiful Wednesday morning, June 26, I joined God and the Pepe family in our Memorial Garden to inter Charlie’s remains as we remembered his faithful service at St. Mark’s. Last Sunday we celebrated 64 years of marriage for Sylvia and Tom Storey in a lovely vow renewal service. Our Multi-site Team is preparing to have a booth at the Star Spangled Spectacular festival in Marana on the fourth of July as we help people know about St. Mark’s. The list goes on.

Today I’m joining with God to plan for worship for the rest of the year. I’ll be back in town on Saturday after working for a couple of days on the worship plan so our choir directors, worship committee, and other pastors and staff can join me in preparing for worship that truly honors God and strengthens all of us in our faith.

When I start judging myself or others it can get in the way of seeing where God is working and joining God. As part of our sermon series on Words to Think About, this Sunday, June 30, we’ll consider the impact of Judging Others.  It’s a fifth Sunday, so there’s no Sunday School – we’ll all worship together.

Where do you see God working today?  How are you joining in?

Blessings, Sharon