Faith in…

Faith in….?

Yesterday our church shared a booth with Sanctuary UMC at the Marana Star Spangled Spectacular, a big July 4th festival with music, food, booths and fireworks. We had items to give away – glow sticks, water, chapstick, sunglasses, candy and info about our churches, including some about St. Mark’s potential second site in the Dove Mountain area. Lots of people stopped by so we had a chance to talk with them and get their ideas about church. We asked them, “when you think about church, what’s important to you?” Some people wrote their answers on a card while some, including children, talked with us and we wrote down their answers. It was so interesting and fun being there and talking with people. Thanks to all those who helped!

While food, music, glow sticks and conversation are fun, the culminating event was the promise of great fireworks. We had a lot of faith that the fireworks display would be spectacular, as promised in the title of the event. About 12 minutes into the very fine fireworks, they stopped and an orange-red glow could be seen in the area where the fireworks were being launched. Yes, there was a fire, so the rest of the fireworks display was cancelled. Thankfully, no one was hurt and the fire was quickly put out. That was the end of that.

This Sunday, July 7 we shift our sermon series on Words to Think About from things like greed and doubt to faith, compassion and gratitude. We begin this Sunday with Faith. What does the Bible really say about faith? We have faith in all kinds of things, if we’re honest. Most of that is just fine, like faith that the sun will come up tomorrow. But sometimes we put our faith in things that don’t last or easily disappoint. The Bible has a lot to say about faith, including how to grow in faith in God so that, in the end, all will be well with our lives.

And on this day after July 4, I continue to be grateful for all those who have given in the past and even now so that we can have freedom to worship, work, and enjoy life.

In faith, Sharon