Over the past week, my Facebook “memories” have shown me wonderful monsoon-centered videos of my nephew as he plays in the rain at all stages of his life. Watching a two year-old, who is now seven, jumping up and down chanting “rain, rain, rain” brought joy and excitement to the heart of this desert soul. It was joyful and exciting, not just because I get to see the younger versions of a child that I love, but it also shows me him enjoying the new life that falls from the sky onto our desert floor. In a very real way, I have been watching the new life of the rain falling on the new life that children embody.

The rains, which fall from the sky this time of year, fall afresh on a parched environment that needs an infusion of water to make the desert into something new, almost overnight. I am excited about the monsoon season that is upon us, and about all that God will be sharing with the creatures and plants of the desert, through this life-giving season. God is reaching out to our desert and showing compassion to the creatures and plants that call it home.

This Sunday, July 21, we will be continuing our sermon series looking at Words to Think About-Part 2 within the context of our yearlong look at What the Bible Really Says About… Our focus will be on Compassion—the reaching out from one being to another to show and bestow love.

I invite you not just to worship this Sunday, but to prepare yourself for worship by thinking about a time that you viewed an act of compassion. Perhaps a time when someone acted in a compassionate manner towards you or someone you care about. Perhaps you have witnessed a compassion-driven moment between people that you didn’t know. Maybe even a time where you showed compassion towards others. Whatever the situation, I invite you to reflect on it and think about what made the moment a moment of compassion.

Many blessings, Pastor Stuart


We have a special opportunity to show compassion for people this Sunday. There will be a blood drive this Sunday in our Fellowship Hall. You can sign up at using the sponsor code stmarks. Slots are still open. Please consider giving this very real gift of life.