Deep Love

A little honest reflection as we go into this Thanksgiving week….for some time now God has been working on my heart, challenging me with a question. I think I was first aware of this last year when caterpillars arrived on our milkweed, leading to the extraordinary experience of creating a butterfly nursery, tending the caterpillars to chrysalides to butterflies. The health and wellbeing of these creatures came to be fascinating for me. One day I realized that I loved tending them and even loved letting them go.

Somewhere along the line, I got the sense that this process was a sign of God’s love in my life, a gift to me. Realizing God’s love in this way led me to seeing God’s love other ways, too….slowing down, noticing, listening in a whole variety of ways.

The question? I began to think that God was asking me to reflect on what is truly, deeply, finally important and what isn’t. “What’s important?” God has been asking me.

This has come home to me again recently with several life events.  One is the recent death of my friend and colleague, Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk. Another is our daughter’s breast cancer diagnosis and surgery (she is recovering well). Another is the upcoming adoption of our little grandson by our son and daughter-in-law—a great thing, and a long time coming for a precious little guy and his family.

And then there’s this thing of the deep love of God working on me, causing me to see with gratitude everywhere, and constantly pushing me to ask if something is truly important, worth my time and energy.

What I can tell you is that God keeps telling me that our work at St. Mark’s is one of those important things.  Truly trying to follow Jesus, sharing his love in many ways, trying to get that love to others, worshiping God together….you see, the deep love of God is not meant to be kept to oneself, but is to be given away. That’s how it grows deeper and wider.

There are a few other important things for me, too, according to God’s work in me. Taking time for people.  Savoring nourishing food. Making sure children know they’re loved. Laughing every day. And being aware of the deep love of God, always.

This Sunday, November 24, we talk about Deep, Deep Love.

Blessings, Sharon

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