Beyond the Middle of Advent!

We are just past the middle of Advent, this journey toward Christmas and are pulling up on the third Sunday of Advent, when we will light the candle of Hope.  This Sunday, 12/15, the message in worship will be Revelation Revealed…Hope and Encouragement.  The candle of hope is just the right one for this day!

So today I offer you a mid-Advent prayer.  I hope you will use it for the rest of Advent:

We run or at least walk briskly toward Christmas, O God, with little thought of what is behind us or underneath our feet. In these moments we pause and notice the earth beneath our feet, our breath and the beating of our hearts. We pause to see the Christmas lights, the Advent wreath, and the cards already received.  We stop for just a moment to notice the sunrise, breathe the cool air and give thanks to you.  Ah, dear God, here you are!  In words and songs and the embrace of a friend and so much more. You are already here and still coming in Jesus, the Christ, our Savior. Thank you, God, for being with us in the calm and the storm, the darkness and light, the sorrow and hope. Yes, dear God, we hope in you, and trust that you always have good in store for us, if we will only stop and see, look and listen, pray and draw near.

Draw near to us now, God, and help us see your many gifts to us, already received and still coming.  Thank you.  Thank you, God.  We pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen. 

Blessings, Sharon