Unexpected Turns

As I looked back on this year, I noticed that there were several times when I needed to change the direction I was going. This is not always easy for me. I am a person that likes to make my plan, set the course and get to my destination. Yet, God, often has a different idea. Sometimes I think God simply laughs when I adamantly make a declaration. A friend once told me, “If you keep riding the horse the way it is going, you will end up where the horse wants to be and not where you are to be.”

It is so easy to keep doing what we do; to keep heading down the same path, repeating the same actions. Most of the time we do not even assess if what we are doing is truly making our life more joyful or filled with more love. It is just what we do.

Yet, probably most of us, have had to let go of one dream to embrace another. When that moment happened for me, it felt like my world was turned upside down. The truth was, God was turning it right side up. It took time, though, for me to embrace this unexpected turn in my life.

I imagine this is what happened for the Magi. They set out on a journey to find a new royal king, but instead they found a baby living in a humble home of a carpenter and his wife. There was something different about this child. The Magi’s hearts were touched and they knew that they were in the presence of the Holy One, of the true King. As they stood there, bowed and gave their gifts a blessing came over them; a blessing that changed their lives. They went home different than they arrived. They had a new message to take back to Persia. The road home was not going to be like the one that brought them to the Christ child.

The road each one of us is on at this time in our life is not the same as last year. God will continue to put unexpected turns in our plans and if we embrace the changes we will discover a gift that is waiting for each one of us…just around the bend.

As we move into this new year, may our hearts and our lives be open to receive the different direction God may be calling us to go.

Next Sunday will begin the year-long theme Words for Life and it starts with Making Sense of the Bible. This journey will enrich our lives and lead us to embrace those unexpected turns.

In gratitude, Evy