Rocket Fuel

In my Wednesday, April 22, devotion I read “Giving thanks to God for sustaining us is like adding rocket fuel to our spiritual journey.” I started thinking about the power in rocket fuel, propelling people and big machines into space and sustaining them there.  Does giving thanks to God have that kind of power?

I think it does. When I clothe myself with a thankful spirit, I become more of what God longs for me to be—hopeful, joyful, and sending that into the world, into space.  Practicing gratitude in my walk with Jesus is something to work on, especially in these strange and challenging times.

Other things are like rocket fuel for our walk with Jesus, too. Prayer can be like that, putting ourselves in God’s presence, listening and lifting up ourselves and others.

Just stopping to look and listen for God’s voice can be like rocket fuel in our lives—we hear and see the ways that God is working and asking us to join. How are we hearing and seeing God in these days? How and through whom is God speaking to us today?  That’s what we’ll talk about this Sunday as we continue our series on “Walk….With Christ”.

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May your day be filled with the power of God’s love as you walk with Christ!

Blessings, Sharon