A Generous Life

Do you remember the stories in Scripture about people wandering or praying or waiting for 40 or more years or days before coming through to a new place? After the Hebrew people are delivered by God and Moses from slavery in Egypt they wander in the wilderness for 40 years (mostly because of their own disobedience to God) before going into the land promised to them. Jesus prays and is tempted in the wilderness for 40 days before starting his ministry on earth. Jesus’ followers wait for Jesus’ Spirit to come to them at Pentecost, about 50 days.

After all that, God opens the way to new places and possibilities. A new land, life-changing ministry, the power of the Spirit, and more. I suggest to you that we are in one of these waiting and praying times, while hopefully not wandering too much. Our Bishop, Bob Hoshibata, reiterated on Wednesday, May 6, that our churches need to remain closed for in-person worship, classes, meetings and gatherings of all types. Until the cases of COVID-19 in our area are in a 14-day downward trend, we will remain as we are, waiting and praying, and not wandering too much.

Waiting and praying is not static, though. We are preparing for Sunday worship, leading in various zoom classes and gatherings, calling people and much more.  By “we” I mean not only the pastors and staff, but you, too. We are all actively waiting, praying and I would suggest – giving.

We (all of us) have been giving of ourselves in new and creative ways and have continued to give financially to our church. Praise God! This Sunday, May 10, we continue our series on Walk…With Christ by talking about giving as one of the essential practices for our walk with Jesus. On this Mother’s Day, we’ll honor mothers and those who give of themselves like mothers.

How are you giving creatively during this time of waiting and praying? How have and are others giving to you? How does giving strengthen us in our walk with Christ? We’ll look at those questions this Sunday….and give thanks for the ways God is already bringing us to new places.

I give you this short prayer: Keep us, O God, from becoming impatient, unkind or ungrateful during these days of being in our homes. We thank for you for homes, food, resources and people.  We pray for those who are sick and those caring for them.  Heal and strengthen them, and us. Thank you for your grace which is poured out upon on us, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Blessings, Sharon