Three months ‘til Christmas! That’s sobering, isn’t it? How much has changed since last Christmas? How could we have anticipated all the ways we’d be upended this year?
When I began last fall to plan for 2020 around the theme of “Words for Life,” I had no idea it would be so challenging this year to prepare for worship, music, outreach and general leadership of our church. Every day brings the need for evaluating yesterday’s decisions and making new decisions. These times are very humbling, each day putting myself anew into God’s hands, asking for guidance.
This Sunday, Sept. 27, I’ll be sharing a message on the word “Revelation” as we wrap up our series on “What Do These Words Mean?” With that, I’ve been thinking this week about all the ways God has been revealed to me this year, pressing me to learn and grow, to see beauty, to seek joy in simple things and so much more. How has God been shown to you – revealed to you – this year?
Next Sunday, Oct. 4, is World Communion Sunday. In earlier years I would be saying something like, “We’ll join with Christians in sanctuaries around the world to share in the bond of Holy Communion.” I imagine people around the world will still be sharing the sacrament and some will be in sanctuaries, but many of us will be receiving the bread and cup around our tables at home. Different this year, like so many things, and still a great blessing.
On Oct. 4, we begin a new series called “Hard Words” and talk about things like sacrifice, power, judging others and tolerance. While these may be hard words, I expect that in deeply considering them we’ll also find words of hope.

Two upcoming things:

  • We Gather Together begins Oct. 5. These are small-group (up to 10 people) gatherings for in-person worship that will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for four weeks, twice a day. (You choose one day and time when you would like to meet for those four weeks.) Sign up now for We Gather Together at Go to the Home tab, then to Latest Update and scroll down to register. Advance registration is required to attend.
  • Have you been thinking about membership at St. Mark’s? I’ll be leading a Membership 101 class from 6:30-8 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 6, via Zoom. Tricia Chester, our Administrative Assistant for Hospitality, will join me in leading this. If you’d like to sign up, send an email to Tricia at or register at, Home page, Latest Update, scroll down to register.

This is a great time to invite someone to worship at St. Mark’s at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays. People are longing for ways to experience God’s love and presence in these times. Our worship is a good way to invite others to join you in that.