This week, our family spent a few days outside of San Diego. Between having an unvaccinated tween and our summer move, our family had not gone on a vacation together in a year – unless you count house-hunting in March! This pre-school, last-hurrah trip was intended to help us relax and enjoy an area the kids didn’t remember visiting.

What struck me was the abundance of choices for great food. Crab cake eggs Benedict and fish and chips and huge burgers and French toast and chowder and sushi and salads and chicken sandwiches with arugula and dumplings and tiramisu and gelato and the list goes on! We dined well. We will be eating beans and rice for the next month to make up for the abundance!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to feast, to enjoy decadence. But I’m also mindful that not everyone has this abundance. I’m grateful for the work of our food banks and our shelters that provide for those who need it. I’m grateful for those who glean in our communities so others can enjoy abundance. I’m grateful for those who donate, knowing we can share of our abundance.

You are familiar with the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with loaves and fish. All the gospels include this story as an example of how we serve an extravagant, abundant God. But Jesus did his miracle because a boy gave what he had. God can work through what we give. May we, too, give abundantly. May God use our gifts to bless others richly.

See you Sunday.
Pastor Lynn

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