Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!
Did you know Earth Day was born in 1970? Since then, laws have changed and policies have been adopted that have helped us to improve some of our treatment of our earth. Today, Earth Day is observed by more than a billion people in at least 193 countries. But we still have a long way to go.

This celebration of our earth is set in sharp contrast to the news of fire outside the Flagstaff community this week. While the community watches in horror, the fire has consumed thousands of acres and 12+ homes. Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument has burned in its entirety. We give thanks to God that no lives have been lost, but the loss of property and history is tragic.

Sadly, this fire was human caused, likely from a campfire that wasn’t properly extinguished over the weekend. The high winds and dry conditions made it easy for the fire to get out of control and move quickly.

This is just the latest tragedy we have faced. It comes on the heels of last year’s California fires. Blizzards. Hurricanes. Tornadoes. It seems we are constantly hearing of another natural disaster. While Earth Day may be making changes on the global level, we still have much to do to reverse the damage we have done to our environment.

Did you know we who are United Methodist have taken a pretty solid stand on creation care? We don’t always do what we say, but we strive to treat Mother Earth well.

Our UM Social Principles say this: “We urge United Methodists to adopt sustainable habits and practices, including refraining from overconsumption, repurposing and recycling materials, avoiding products that pollute or otherwise harm the environment, and reducing the carbon footprints of individuals and families by reducing overall reliance on fossil fuels for heat, transportation, and other goods.”

You can find more information about our denomination’s Creation Justice Movement here: https://umcreationjustice.org

What are you doing on this Earth Day? I challenge you to do something big or small. Declare a day “meatless” this week. Shop from the thrift store instead of buying something new. Support an organization that plants trees where they are needed. Pick up litter somewhere. Call people in power who can enact changes on a bigger level. Choose something to do. Action leads to hope—and change.

Happy Earth Day. How will you care for the earth that God called good, on this day and every day?

See you soon.
Pastor Lynn


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