Social Principles

A few years ago, my husband and I met my parents in Washington, D.C. for a vacation. One day, Ron and I wandered the streets around the Capitol, just looking at buildings and landscaping. We ended up in front of the Supreme Court buildings, then were surprised to find ourselves in front of a building called “The United Methodist Building.” We were surprised to see this triangle shaped building Right Next Door to the Supreme Court. How were we United Methodist clergy and didn’t know about this building? We rang the doorbell and went inside.

We were warmly welcomed and told the history of the building. You see that history here if you are interested in it ( What stands out from it is that the Church has provided a safe place for political action for nearly a century. It’s the only non-government building on Capitol Hill. How cool is that?!? The General Board of Church and Society that is housed in this building communicates with policymakers and leaders around the world with the mission of transforming the world, as it addresses more than 30 social issues on which the United Methodist Church has claimed a position. We seek to continue the Wesleyan tradition of personal AND social holiness. It’s not enough for us focus on our own relationship with God. We must also work to bring holiness in our world.

Since that visit, I’ve become increasingly aware of the work that we do as United Methodists. We truly put our mission statement into practice as we seek to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Often, we must address the social concerns facing people before they can even begin to open their lives to the transforming work of Christ. Sometimes, they open their lives to Christ and then get sidetracked from discipleship by housing and healthcare and justice issues they face. The UMC has recognized that part of our work is to work within the political arenas to create change that will meet the physical needs of our communities.

Part of what guides our work is what we call the Social Principles. Our Social Principles are a resource for mission and ministry for United Methodists across the globe as they call all United Methodists not only to make a difference in the world and to live differently in the world but also and as urgently to build a different kind of world than the one we have now. I’m grateful for our witness on Capitol Hill and around the world through these calls for change.

Over this next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of those big topics in our Social Principles. If you want to read them for yourself, you can find those here:

I am proud to be United Methodist because of the witness we share through our Social Principles. We stand with John Wesley, who taught both a personal and a social holiness. We have a biblical responsibility to care for one another because we are created for community. It’s not always easy and I certainly don’t always agree with the official stance of the UMC. But I’m grateful for a church that says that our work is to change the world, not just change an individual’s heart.

I’m curious if you have an experience with the Social Principles or knew about The United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill? Feel free to reply to this message and tell me your experiences!

See you soon.
Pastor Lynn

P.S. The work of the General Board of Church and Society is continued on a smaller scale with the work of our local church’s Church and Society committee. If you’re interested in learning more about their work, or if you want to help influence their work, talk with one of the pastors who will point you in the right direction! And join them for movie night on Monday, May 23!!



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