Changing the World

“Changing the world through Christ by caring for all people.” At St. Mark’s we’ve sought to embrace this mission statement for almost 10 years. Truly the spirit behind these words has always been part of the people and work of St. Mark’s.
    • Changing the world – although beautiful, we recognize that our world is not yet fully what God wants it to be.
    • through Christ – it is with Christ around, in and through us that we are part of God’s work in the world.
    • by caring for all people – we strive to provide God’s care for all people; all are invited and welcomed at St. Mark’s.


This caring for people inside and outside St. Mark’s always has been in the bones of our church. I’ve been wondering what the opposite of caring might be. I think we see a lot of the opposite of caring in our world today like judging others in unfair, unkind ways, mean-spirited use of words about others, unjust criticisms, and sometimes doing downright harm. As followers of Jesus – Christians – we are called to embrace a different way, the way of Jesus, the way of seeking understanding, showing compassion and spreading hope.


In our Scriptures for this Sunday, Oct. 18, Jesus tells his followers, “Do not judge … do not condemn … do forgive … give.” (Luke 6:37-38). Then he uses an image that must have struck those around him as very funny. He tells them to not focus on the speck in another one’s eye when there is a log in one’s own eye. In this Sunday’s sermon I’m going to talk about this Scripture passage, along with its companion in Matthew 7.


You probably know someone who would find hope and joy in coming to St. Mark’s for Sunday worship at 9:45 a.m. at, or St. Mark’s Tucson on Facebook, or YouTube UMC St. Mark’s Oro Valley. I encourage you to show care for them by inviting them.


Blessings, Sharon