Long-term Disciple Bible Studies

Disciple Bible Study

The goal of these studies is more than information about the Bible; the goal is transformation in the lives of the participants. Each class reads and discusses assigned Biblical passages, hears from scholars via video, prays together, enjoys fellowship and is challenged to let the experiences form them into active disciples of Christ. Participants covenant together to be faithful in their preparation and attendance. Students are asked to pay for materials; some scholarship help is available.

Room 20

Disciple: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study

(Disciple I)

Led by Pastor Stuart Salvatierra and Rev. Helen Schlinder

An overview of the entire Bible. The study gives the Old and New Testaments equal time, emphasizing the wholeness of the Bible as a revelation of God. DISCIPLE draws upon the work of scholars, the personal Bible reading and study of the participant, and dynamic
group discussion to aid understanding of the Bible.

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Thursdays, 6 p.m.

Began Sept. 6
(Registration is closed)

(34 weeks)

Room 17/18
Disciple: Into the Word, Into the World 

(Disciple II, fast-track)

DBS-1 is a prerequisite for this study.

Led by Linda Walker and Vicky Minger

Genesis, Exodus, Luke, Acts – a look at the beginnings of our faith. These four books are studied in more depth, giving six weeks to each one. Beginnings of Judaism and Christianity in Genesis and Luke; the extension into the world in Exodus and Acts.

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Tuesdays, 1:30 p.m.

Began Sept. 4

(Registration is closed)

(24 weeks)

Room 20
Disciple: Remember Who You Are 

(Disciple III)

Led by Rev. Sharon Ragland and Charlotte Bowers

This study uses the Prophets and the writings of Paul to examine the connection between memory and identity as the people of God. Explore how God’s people are called to remember, to repent, to renewal, and to community.

(Registration will reopen for this study in 2020.) 

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Tuesday Evenings

6:00 – 8:30 p.m.
(32 sessions)
(Registration closed, this is a two-year course.)

Room 17/18
Creating, Living, Trusting: Bible Study on Covenant

Led by Linda Sterling and Alberta Farnsworth

This study is based on the understanding that it is through community, shared reflection and engagement that we can best discover the Bible’s transformative power. It helps us respond together in answering God’s call to a faithful life in Jesus. It embraces a learning experience that builds trust in others and confidence in Scripture.

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Thursday, 1:30 p.m.Begins Sept. 6

(24 weeks)

Room 20
Jesus in the Gospels

Led by Margaret Synhorst and Rev. Judy Boroto

This course illuminates some aspect of the Jesus in the Gospels each week and connects Scripture to daily life and Jesus’ call to discipleship. The study helps us understand that Jesus is rooted in Judaism and its Scriptures and that Christianity and the New Testament are rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures – our Old Testament. Prior in-depth Bible study is a
prerequisite. Please speak with the leaders.

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Thursdays, 6:00 p.m.
Begins Sept. 6
(30 weeks)