COVID is Not Finished Yet!

Our family went to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim over Memorial Day weekend this year. This was my husband’s fourth time attending a Celebration, but they usually occur during April so the rest of us have never attended. It was quite a gathering — he says there were 60,000 people who attended. That’s a lot of people packed into the convention center in Anaheim! That’s a lot of crazy fans in full costume walking around!!

While the convention center required masks, there was no enforcement of that rule. And, as a souvenir of our trip, we now have COVID in our house. Thankfully, it’s limited to one of us as of today (Friday), but we haven’t been able to isolate at all in a small hotel room so there may be more. Thankfully, we are all vaccinated and boosted, so it’s a mild case; more of a nuisance than something that is life-threatening.

I share this not for sympathy, but to remind you that COVID isn’t done. I have heard of more and more people around me who have tested positive in recent days. The vaccine works — fewer people are dying from it and being hospitalized. Those who are hospitalized are most often unvaccinated. If you haven’t been vaccinated, I encourage you to do so now; COVID is not done.

As we celebrate Pentecost this Sunday, we are also inviting you to join around the table. As you know, Pentecost is the birthday of the church, the day when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples and they were formed into a church to carry the work of Christ into the world. As a celebration of that day, we invite you to join our own community as we eat lunch together. All will be provided this month; simply come.

I share that invitation with the caution: COVID is not done yet. If you are uncomfortable sitting around the table, eating in a small room unmasked, then do not come. There will be more times to eat, more times to create community. Put your safety first.

If you do come, wear red! That’s the traditional color of Pentecost!

See you soon— but not too soon!!
Pastor Lynn


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