Giants!  If you had to choose someone right now, who would you say is a “giant” in our world today? If we were to take a poll I imagine we would have many different answers to that question.

In Scripture, people who are giant in size like Goliath (as in David and Goliath) are often people to be defeated, people who are not on God’s side or working for God’s good in the world. Those who might be thought of as having power or strength because of their size were often defeated by those less physically strong.

True giants in Scripture are people who are giant in character, who know they are not giant by their own doing but rather by receiving strength and wisdom from God, and who seek to be led by God in all that they do. They know that they fail sometimes and need to turn their lives back to God and rely fully and humbly on God. Truly, God sent Jesus to show what a giant is in God’s eyes, someone who cares about the least, last and lost, and who seeks to lead others into the ways of God.

So maybe I’ll ask the question again of myself and you. Who are the giants in our world today? I have my own short list of people who are giant in character, caring and leadership. These are people who seek to build up others rather than themselves, and who seek after hope, joy and healing rather than exorbitant wealth and power. My list includes pastors, teachers, business leaders, authors, community and world leaders, and even a sports figure or two. How about you? Some of them are large in stature but are truly giants in service to God and others.

This Sunday, Oct. 13, we’ll be talking about giants in the Bible as we finish up a short series on Odd Things in the Bible.  Then on Oct. 20, we begin a new series on What the Bible Says About Love. 

See you in church!

Blessings, Sharon