Giving into Temptations

Giving into Temptations

Growing up in a middle class neighborhood in a Detroit suburb, I was an easy target for taunting because I was small and skinny, loved to read and do well in school, and never had quite the “right” clothes. My biggest tormentor was a girl named Gloria, a couple of years older than me. When Gloria made fun of my red tennis shoes (when white shoes were the fashion) I went home crying to my mother, “I’m going to get her!”

Getting back at that girl was a big temptation. She had given me plenty of reasons to do so. My mother (and grandmother) challenged me to think in a nuanced and thoughtful way, out of our faith tradition. Rather than attacking back, harming in return, they helped me see how to say and do what I needed to do – what was just – by rising above, using clear and compelling words, and refusing to be caught up in blaming and demeaning others.

In later years, as my Christian faith grew, when faced with temptations to do things that would harm myself or others, I began to think about Jesus by my side, and what it’s like to be led by his Spirit. When I remember to do that, my heart turns toward Jesus’ justice and peace. I’ve failed many times, and still do regularly, because our human journey toward wholeness in Christ is a life-long one. But Jesus’ Spirit is there, connected to us, longing to guide us toward a heart of peace.

This Sunday, June 3, we meet Jesus in the wilderness, as he is tempted, and discover the ways he longs to walk with us in our temptations, whatever they are. This is part of our series on Connected to Jesus … the Power of Hope. 

This Sunday we also start Summer Fun. You’ll be able to put your thoughts on paper about “Geography” and meet and talk with people about places you’ve been, where you were born, and more.

Don’t forget to come to the concert on Sunday, June 3 at 3 p.m. as we welcome the Youth Chorale and Celebration Ringers from First UMC, Colorado Springs. Then Vacation Bible School begins June 4. In fact, you’ll have the chance on Sunday, June 3 to see the ways you can participate in the VBS peace prayer wall, and get info on the VBS mission project in Kenya.

Can you believe its June already?  See you in church!

Blessings, Sharon