Liminal Space

Greetings Church Family,

This is Pastor Stuart writing to you, from the “liminal space” Pastor Lynn spoke about several weeks ago in her sermon. In case you missed this message, liminal space is that which is between where we were and where we will be. Right now my current home is torn up, there are boxes everywhere, and about one-third of our possessions are already in our new home in Phoenix. In short, life is crazy and a bit of a mess. My wife and I know where we are going, but we are not there yet.

I have been thinking about this turmoil and I know that my wife and I cannot be the only people experiencing this right now. We all have periods in our lives when things just seem to be a little out of control. In these times it is most important to us, as disciples of Jesus Christ, to find grounding in the grace and love of God and to adjust ourselves so we are living into the call that Christ has upon us.

For me, at this moment, finding the grounding and living into the call that God has before me is to really remember what Jesus says about what my job is as a Christian. I am being called to go out to a new space in the world to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This is just as true for me today as it has ever been. I suspect this also is true for each of us. We move through times when things get jumbled around, but the goal of what we are doing is always the same. I invite you to join in worship this Sunday, when I will speak about the call on us by God through Jesus’ giving of the Great Commission.

This Sunday is my second-to-last Sunday with the people of St. Mark’s, and I want to make sure I am able to connect with as many of God’s people in this community as possible. If you are online this Sunday, please consider connecting to Zoom after worship at 11:30 a.m., using the information that was sent out in this week’s Friday e-blast. I would love for you to be there for this special online “Coffee with the Pastor” event. I cannot wait to see you.

Many Blessings,
Pastor Stuart


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