Endowment Fund


A Different Way to Support St. Mark’s

The Bible tells us it is not the size of the gift, but the spirit of generosity and commitment to God’s work that matters. Every gift, large or small, is an investment in St. Mark’s. The St. Mark’s United Methodist Church Permanent Endowment Fund is a permanent legacy fund established by the church members and others to make gifts to the church and its ministries. Your gifts will have a lasting impact that will further Christ’s kingdom in many ways.   


Permanent Endowment Fund

The Permanent Endowment Fund was established to provide members and friends the opportunity to make charitable gifts to St. Mark’s that will become a permanent endowment of financial support and a living memorial. It is intended for church purposes to supplement programs and ministries as appropriate. This fund is separate from the church financial budget.


Purpose of the Endowment Committee

The financial funds are managed by the Endowment Committee, who are members of St. Mark’s UMC. They are committed to the goals of the legacy of this fund, so it can empower the future of St. Mark’s and its ministries. Donations are strictly managed to maintain the principal of the fund and provide maximum income.


Four Ways Gifts Can Be Made

  • Outright Gift – This can include cash, stocks, bonds, automobiles or real estate.
  • Gift Annuity – You may transfer property (cash, securities, etc.) to the Endowment Fund while retaining the right to receive the income while alive. After death, the remaining property will go to the Endowment Fund.  There are tax advantages with this type of annuity. Contact your tax advisor about these advantages.
  • Retirement Funds – The Endowment Fund may be named as a contingent beneficiary of retirement to succeed other family members.
  • Life Insurance – The Endowment Fund can be named as owner, beneficiary or partial beneficiary. It can also be a contingent beneficiary to receive the proceeds if family members do not survive the insured.


Include an Endowment Fund in your Will

Your will states a lot about your values. What you do through your will makes a powerful statement about people and causes that are important to you. It is the most flexible way to put your values and wishes into action.


St. Mark’s Benefits from Endowment Gifts

Income from the fund is used to support projects that are not part of the church’s annual budget.  This includes:

  • Seed money for new programs and projects
  • Supporting discipleship and stewardship programs
  • Providing for major equipment or facility maintenance

Recent projects the Endowment Fund has supported:

  • New Christmas tree and storage bag for the Sanctuary lobby
  • New playground equipment for the Early Childhood Center
  • Outdoor portable sound system for events
  • Young Adult Coordinator, a position that is now part of the annual church budget
  • Many other gifts

For more information about the St. Mark’s Permanent Endowment Fund, pick up a brochure from the church lobby, or contact the church office.

If your St. Mark’s group or committee would like to submit a request for funds from the Permanent Endowment Fund, fill out the Endowment Request Form.