Is God Trying to Connect with You?

What a full week this has been! After being on vacation last week, I truly hit the ground running this week with meetings with Advisory Board, Staff Parish, Finance and Trustees, along with catching up with staff, and getting together with people, and planning for worship. All good, just very full. So full, in fact, that by yesterday (Thursday) morning, my brain could barely put two thoughts together, let alone think creatively. That’s important, because often on Thursdays I put the Sunday sermon together, but nothing was happening yesterday.

Because of early morning commitments, I hadn’t had a chance all week to walk or hike. So yesterday morning, with a muddled, empty brain I was determined to be outside walking, and set out on a hiking trail. As I walked quickly on a desert path, I began to notice – sky, air, mountains, up and down swell of the sandy path, sounds of birds, scrubby trees. Ever so gradually my brain began to smooth out and relax, and ideas, images and thoughts began to come.

Then it was so clear that God was connecting with me. God was working in me in the midst of the majesty of creation – the creation around me, and in me. Then there was joy, and possibility of creating words and thoughts with God, and then being ready to connect with others, too. This was so noticeable to me, so physical and real, and filled me with peace.

This Sunday, January 14, we begin with our worship theme for 2018, Connecting to God and One Another, and start with a series on Connecting to Creation. This week we look at the big picture of God’s creation, and our part in it. The choirs have been working on music that fits with this, so I know that worship will be full of God’s great love and joy. All good… because God is connecting with us.

Blessings, Sharon