What Would the World Be Like Without Small Things?

What would the world be like without small things? When I was in fifth grade I got glasses. As we drove home from the eye doctor, I remember seeing the individual leaves on trees, green, shaped like tear drops, joined to a branch. I guess it had been a while since I’d seen more than a fuzzy conglomerate of green.

Some people study small things like bees and ants and parts of flowers. We know that there are things even smaller than these that are essential to life, like genes, or even parts of genes. It seems like these small things often come together to become part of bigger things, maybe even join to make forests, oceans, and human bodies. As I write this today, I am amazed again at the complexity, order and beauty of God’s creation.

As we talk this year about Connecting to God and One Another, we are in a sermon series called, Connecting to Creation. On Sunday, January 21, our focus is on “Small Things.” Last week we looked at the majesty of God’s big creation, and now move to considering the ways small things make a difference, by themselves and as they come together. We are also part of both the majesty, and small things of God’s creation.

A prayer I sometimes pray: God, help me see you in every rock and tree, every flower and bee, in every child and person in need. In the living, beating heart of your creation, draw me close to you, and teach me what you would have me say and do. I am yours, O God, today and every day. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Blessings, Sharon