Where is God?

“Where is God?” we wonder during the dark and hard times in our lives. Then people encourage us to look around and see the signs of God at work in creation, stories of healing, music and art and most of all, in the help and hope we find in one another. God works in and through our world, including us, to bring us out of hard times.

That can be hard to hear and see when we are in the midst of difficulties. That is why we need one another to strengthen and guide us, with God’s help. As we enter a new year, we’ll start a series in worship on January 14 — Connecting to God and One Another. We’ll begin by looking at the ways connecting to creation draws us into God’s healing arms. This connection is for all people, not just those who already worship or know God’s love, but for everyone.

In worship on Sunday, January 7, we begin the new year with the story of the magi visiting Jesus — Epiphany! The Magi were people who came from far away to find Jesus, people who were not Jews, like Jesus and his family. They remind us that God truly wants to connect to all people, and shows the Magi this through the guiding star.

As the new year begins, many classes and programs also are being offered at our church. Some of those are being offered in cooperation with the worship series, Connecting to God…. Notice all that is being offered to help us draw closer to God and one another. Sign up! You can use this link to browse all the opportunities and register online.

Don’t forget to get your concert tickets to the January 21, 6:30 p.m. performance at our church of Comfort by Candlelight with artist Kathy Troccoli. The concert is free, but you need a ticket.

Our prayer: Creating God, show us how you are already working to bring hope and healing to our world. Connect us to your power and love, so that we can extend that to others in our world. As the Magi offered gifts to Jesus, we offer ourselves. Strengthen and guide us, God. Amen.

Blessings, Sharon