Racial Equity Resources

We offer these resources as an opportunity to educate our church friends and family on the vital issues of systemic racism and race equity that affect us all. We are not experts, but rather learners along with you. Racism causes deep hurt and anger; we need to hear this even if it is not expressed using a tone or words that we are comfortable hearing. The list is a sampling of the resources that are available and serve as a starting point for you.

  • Native    Click here to read the 2023 Native American Heritage Month devotion
  • Black
  • Latin Descent Click here to read the 2023 Latin/Hispanic Heritage Month Devotional
  • Asian/Pacific Islander  Click here to read about Margaret Hiratsuka’s internment camp experience
  • Arab
  • General (terms and language, white privilege and systemic racism, immigration, Christianity)
  • Next Steps (microaggressions, how to be an ally, talking to kids)

Unless the link is marked as a UMC resource, St. Mark’s and the United Methodist Church do not necessarily endorse all of the positions expressed in the link. Some of the links will take you to videos that start with an ad. Please note that we have no control over what ad appears nor does the inclusion of the link imply endorsement of the ad. Also some links may require a subscription to view them.

Please know that this is a shared educational experience. If you have concerns about a resource or suggestions for a new resource, you can email racialequity@umcstmarks.org.