Serving God by Serving all People


As a sophomore in high school, my youth group went to Jacksonville for a weekend of service. This was the big city, a place with people facing homelessness and Habitat for Humanity and more needs than we saw in our little town. Over the course of two days, we cleared a lot for a new Habitat build, we led worship in a nursing home (after they let us use their showers), and we fixed lunches for the homeless ministry in the church where we slept. It was on that weekend that I first heard the voice of God in my spirit, telling me that I would be a preacher. This call was affirmed over and over again, but it began in a weekend that focused us on serving others, as Jesus modeled for the world.

In our Methodist history, we see a people who served others as well. Sunday school started in Methodist churches as ways to teach children who worked in factories during the week how to read. Early Methodists cared for the poor as they fed those who were hungry. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, even published a writing on medicine. While we laugh now at much of what he said, he was revolutionary in believing that Christians should care for the body and soul.

This is one reason that I love St. Mark’s. We are known for our service to others, for our mission. A perusal of our bulletin on Sunday will show no shortage of ways that you can serve others in the name of Christian love. Packing food boxes, preparing a meal for Primavera, donating canned food items are all excellent ways that all people can serve others. Add to it the ones not in the bulletin— our new work with the refugee community and giving through UMCOR are just a couple others. This month, we also focus our attention on our partnership with Nash Elementary School. We invite you to give generously to their school supply needs. You can see a list of the most-needed items below. Don’t forget the peanut butter contest this month for Interfaith Community Services, as well!

As if that’s not enough, we also invite your prayers for our youth who are putting their faith into action as they travel to San Diego for their week with Sierra Service Project. Lest you think this is an all-fun trip, they will be sleeping on church floors and in yurts, while serving the local community through construction projects and learning about immigration and border issues. This week has not been without its hiccups already, though they just left Friday morning. The St. Mark’s and St. Paul’s youth were to travel and work together for the week, and all of St. Paul’s youth had to stay home due to positive COVID tests and close contacts. Thankfully, their one male chaperone is attending with our St. Mark’s youth, so we have enough chaperones for the group to go. Please pray for them as they arrive in San Diego and do the work that’s before them. Who knows—perhaps the voice of God will speak in the spirit of one or more of the youth who are there, nudging them to a life of service to God through the work of the church.

How will you be in service to God through service of others this week? St. Mark’s has plenty of opportunities for you to get involved. If you don’t see something that speaks to you, let’s talk about what God has placed on your heart! Maybe God is using you to budge St. Mark’s in another direction, to someone else in need.

See you soon.
Pastor Lynn


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