Silent Night?

It’s almost here!! It’s almost here!!!!

Christmas Eve is coming, when we will gather together and sing “Silent Night” by candlelight. For many, this captures the magic of the season and finally means Christmas has arrived.

This season, I’ve pondered a sentiment another pastor shared. Often, we think of the stable and the manger as a “Silent Night” moment. We speak of “all is calm, all is bright.” Does Scripture say that? It does not!

What we do know is that a census is being taken. Luke tells us that everyone has returned to their hometown. This is not silent or calm! It’s Homecoming on steroids. It’s family reunion for an entire town at the same time. It’s a class reunion when everyone gets together at the same time. There are people everywhere and people stumbling over one another and no room in the guest house. There are so many people that there is no room for two more. Just two.

How does that change our image of the Christmas story? There are so many people, the place is so full that the only place to put this baby is in the feed trough. Even before the shepherds come into the nursery, it’s not exactly a silent night.

This Christmas, it’s okay if you crave a silent night and spend time contemplating the wonder of the night. After all, the shepherds were out in their fields, away from the chaos of town.

But if your Christmas has less silence and more chaos, then that’s OK too. It’s probably a little closer to the night Jesus was born anyway!

However you celebrate, may you embrace the Christ Child born in a manger, because there was no room in the inn.
May you discover the joy of God with us. In the middle of the people. In the midst of all the chaos. In the times of silence. In it all.

We would love to see you in our Sanctuary as we celebrate the magic of the season, as we sing “Silent Night” with candles and people. We would love to have you join us online for the 8 p.m. service if you prefer to be less people-y. Let us worship the newborn King!

Merry Christmas.
Pastor Lynn



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