Thank You, Volunteers / Additions to Worship

Thank You, Volunteers

Have you thought about what it takes to make a church function? A church the size of St. Mark’s has a large staff – four administrative staff, four program staff, three pastors, two buildings and grounds people, and a tech guy. Then there’s the music staff – three directors, two accompanists, and a praise team of musicians and singers. Oh, and our video editors. And our staff at the preschool. And… I know it’s very likely that I’ve missed people!

The staff couldn’t do it if it weren’t for the volunteers. Volunteers on sound and projection. Volunteers who answer the phone when needed. Volunteers who count money. Volunteers who serve on committees. Volunteers who arrange missions teams. Volunteers who plant flowers. Volunteers who arrange the altar. Volunteers who teach studies and volunteers who teach Sunday School and volunteers who sing in our choirs. The list can go on and on.

In Mark 9:30-37, Jesus tells the disciples that those who serve are the ones who are following the path he has set forth. It’s not those who are powerful in the world, but those who are willing to do the mundane tasks of service.

This week, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to all who put on the mind of Christ, and humble themselves in service to others. It’s truly what makes church happen. Thank you for all you do to make St. Mark’s a place that serves others and works for change in the world. Thank you. What you do makes a difference.

Grace and Peace to you,
Pastor Lynn

Changes, Additions to Worship Times

As we continue the slow process of reopening our campus after being socially distanced, we have shifted our attention to our corporate worship. We have three pieces of news to share with you this week.

First, we welcome back our Gathering service, meeting in person beginning Oct. 3. This worship service with a full band and music will take place at 10 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. The more intimate space will help us to worship through song, Scripture, and community. Plan to attend and share with your friends and family!

Second, we are shifting our 8 a.m. service to begin at 8:30, starting Oct. 3. This will offer two traditional services, at 8:30 and 10 a.m. in the Sanctuary with our two choirs continuing to lead as usual. Child care is offered during both times. Sunday School for children and youth will continue to be offered during the 10 a.m. service.

Finally, we are going to return to live-streaming worship in January. This will replace the pre-recorded worship that currently premieres on our website and YouTube channel. You will continue to find the service at the same two places, but it will be live instead of pre-recorded. We are grateful for the tireless commitment of our leaders to offer pre-recorded worship for so long, and we are grateful for the Tech Team and others who are working to ensure the livestream is as high quality as you are used to. In anticipation of this move in January, we are moving to a 10 a.m. pre-recorded service beginning Oct. 3.

We are excited to be able to continue moving forward to a schedule and a ministry that is sustainable for the future and meets the needs of all four worshiping communities. Thanks for your patience as we get used to these changes!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Lynn

Three ways to access our pre-recorded service:

  • From the main menu on our website click “Worship.”
  • Go to YouTube and search for UMC St. Mark’s Oro Valley or use this link.
  • The YouTube link will also be shared on Facebook St. Mark’s UMC Tucson or use this link.

For the rest of this month, the service goes live at 9:45 a.m.