The Importance of an Educated Vote

Guest column by Judy Boroto, Church and Society Committee


Spirituality is as much about the public life as it is about personal life: matters of voting for qualified representatives and attending public meetings as well as the personal matters of tithing, attending to elderly neighbors, and maintaining family relationships.

Spirituality is about the political negotiated within the public sphere as much as the everyday negotiated within the private sphere. Our personal relationship with Christ should inform the decisions on how we should act and whom we should elect. We have an opportunity to use our spirituality in politics in our state primary elections next Tuesday, Aug. 2.

On June 25, we held a public information session on the Arizona state legislative budgeting process. At that time the representative from Pima County Interfaith gave us some good advice on how to make an informed decision on all public issues that come before our state Legislature and the U.S. Congress. They amount to each of us taking the time to learn about the issues and to learn where each of the candidates stand on those issues.

If you missed it, here is the list:
1. Find out what state legislative district and federal congressional district you are in – there have been some changes: and
2. Educate yourself about candidates for state and federal positions before the election
· Plan to attend events to hear candidates speak and debate. We plan to hold a candidate forum at St Mark’s this fall.
· Read and research the issues from all sides, not just your own leanings.
· Consider candidate history and temperament for holding public office when voting.
3. Vote and encourage everyone to register and vote.

The results of our elections affect everything from our roads to our schools to our grocery bills through taxing. They affect border issues and environmental concerns and tourism in the state. Our vote matters as we plot the course of the state in the next election. Let your faith in Christ inform your decisions as you go to the polls next week.



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