Those Who Heal

What heals? Medication, surgery, ointment, massage, touch, words, hugs, conversation, prayer, music, exercise? The list can go on and on, of the many ways we experience healing from the physical, emotional, and spiritual aches of life.

Who heals? The skill, knowledge, and wisdom of many in the healing professions help to restore and strengthen us. That’s a long list, too, of people who devote their lives to helping people become or stay well.

Healing is not always the same as curing, though. Perhaps we are cured from a cut on our hand or removal of a gall bladder, but sometimes the illnesses we have can only be managed. Sometimes we’re left with scars that refuse to heal completely. Sometimes we are healed into God, and not cured in this life.

My experience is that those who heal are those who know that they are the instruments of God. It is when they know that their hands, intellect, wisdom and words are being used by God that the best healing occurs.  In other words, when faith joins the daily lives of those who heal, they are able to bring about the soothing of the soul, as well as the body and mind.

This Sunday, Oct. 21, we continue our series on Connecting Our Lives to God…Our Work and Our Faith and talk about those who heal. We’ll hear from a retired physician, on a video that guides us in our 2019 stewardship campaign, Our Hands, God’s Work. Responding in Faith!

Our work is whatever we do with our daily lives. Jesus spent a lot of time healing during his time on earth, and showed his disciples the way to do that. He continues to show us, too. All of us may not be able to do heart surgery, but all Jesus’ followers can be instruments of healing for others, and our world. That’s what we’ll talk about this Sunday.

Blessings, Pastor Sharon