Which Way Is It?

If you try to get to our house via your GPS you will probably end up at the exit rather than entrance to our subdivision. In one of those GPS quirks it can’t find the way to our house.

Many of us have probably had the experience in small towns of being told something like “to get to the Smith’s house just turn right at the red mailbox, then take the second road to the left and then then they’ll be around the third curve. You’ll find the way.”

How do we find the way when the way is not obvious or is confusing or we haven’t been there before? That’s one of the questions of Advent—how do we find the way to Jesus, to his coming again at Christmas, when the way seems so full of distractions? Where is the way, the path to clear our hearts and minds to hear God’s directions? It would be nice if GPS led us right there!

Advent begins tomorrow, December 1st.  During Advent we try to clear our hearts and minds so that God can work in us and show us the way to Jesus at Christmas. How do we do that? Perhaps we decide to let God “prepare the way” for us rather than trying to do it ourselves. Maybe we just need to show up for God—in worship, in prayer, in studies or in Holy Communion. Let God show us the way.

A first step is to let God show us the way of peace. Let that sink in for a moment. The way of peace—that’s what we’ll talk about this Sunday, December 2, 2018, the first Sunday of Advent.  Come to worship and let God’s way of peace lead you on the path to life in Jesus.

Blessings, Sharon