Working Together

What about work? I have people around me who are retired and say they no longer work but they volunteer at all kinds of places, work part-time, help children and grandchildren and say “I’m busier now than when I ‘worked’!” I also know people who devote countless hours to paying jobs or caring for children. Students spend their time on school work. If you’ve watched children you know how hard they work at playing.

What about working with others? While some of our work is by ourselves, much is with others. As I’ve read Ann Landers and Dear Abby over the years, many questions from people deal with work relationships, getting along while working alongside others. As we continue our sermon series on Relating to Others in Good Ways, this Sunday, August 18, we’ll focus on Considering Work Relationships.

A short story:  When I was 18, and in my first year of college, I worked as a secretary in the Palatine Park District Office. Members of the park maintenance crew would stop in the office throughout the day for water or bathrooms. One man on the crew was slower in his movements and thoughts than the others. One of the young crew members was continually making fun of him, both in public and behind his back. One day I couldn’t stand this anymore. I lashed out at the young crew member in front of everyone, loudly telling him how wrong this was. I remember that there was a moment of pause then, when everyone was quiet for a moment, and then the young crew member slunk quietly away.

I can’t remember what I actually said that day and something surely needed to be said, but I’ve often wondered if there might have been a better way to say it. Talk to the young crew member privately?  Think more carefully about what to say before saying it? Decide the most important things to say? This Sunday, I’m going to share some thoughts about when to speak and what to say when we’re in work relationships.

One way that our youth work, is through mission and service. This Sunday, we’ll be recognizing the youth and leaders who participated this summer in Middle School Mission and Sierra Service Project. We’ll have a chance to see a video and thank them for serving on our behalf.


See you in church!

Blessings, Sharon