I’m New

What to Expect

Welcome to St. Mark’s United Methodist Church; we’re happy you are considering a visit to St. Mark’s, and we hope to see you soon!

Coming on the campus of a new church can be filled with excitement and anticipation but can also cause some butterflies-in-the-stomach moments. Will I be welcome? What will worship be like? Will this be a place of joy, hope and healing? Will there be ways I can get involved? Will I know God’s presence here? We can’t promise to easily answer all those questions, but we can tell you we try to live out our mission statement of “changing the world through Christ, by caring for all people.” We hope you experience this care and your world is changed a bit by being at St. Mark’s. Connecting people to God and to one another is very important to us.

Everyone is welcome at St. Mark’s. We pray that by connecting with St. Mark’s you know God’s love better!

Campus Layout:  You may want to take a minute and visit our church campus page. You’ll find a diagram that identifies our campus buildings and parking areas.

Parking: You can enter the St. Mark’s campus from either La Cañada Drive or Magee Road, and we have a north, south and west parking lot – all of which are connected to one another. The north lot (along Magee) is the closest to the Sanctuary, where worship is held. The south lot (from the La Cañada entrance) is nearest to the church office and the Fellowship Hall. Both the north and south lots have accessible parking for people with disabilities.

Dress: We invite you to dress as you are comfortable, and you’ll see a variety of styles at St. Mark’s – suits and dresses, jeans and shorts, heels and sneakers!

Our Church Family: Our congregation is truly a mix of ages, ethnicities, physical abilities, educational backgrounds, political beliefs, sexual orientations and economic levels! No one should feel there isn’t a place for them at St. Mark’s. While we don’t all agree on every subject, we choose to nurture all we have in common. We’re happy to work together to serve Christ in the world!

New in Worship: We won’t ask you to stand up and introduce yourself! Be sure to visit the information kiosk with the red umbrella in the courtyard and pick up a first-time-visitor gift. Also, there are Welcome to St. Mark’s brochures available as you leave worship, so you can simply help yourself. Cards with special QR codes are located in the pews so you can register your attendance electronically. We hope you’ll include your name, because it helps us get acquainted.

Child Care: Complimentary nursery and child care is available during the services, and children are also welcome in worship. Our worship includes a time with the children. In addition, we have an infant hospitality room for parents and young worshipers who may need feeding, changing or comforting. Feel free to slip through that door at any time and listen to the sermon in a private setting.

Membership 101:  If you wish to learn more about what it means to be a “member” at St. Mark’s, we recommend Membership 101. This class is offered three to four times a year for anyone who has an interest in becoming a member.