At Home With God

By Rev. Kevin Lester

Over the last 10 years, home renovation shows have become a phenomenon on television. Remember chanting “MOVE THAT BUS!” at the end of “Extreme Home Makeover” episodes? Since then, there have been cable networks whose entire programming is teams of folks working together to renovate homes, flip houses, and redecorate on a budget.

I have been thinking about these shows quite a bit over the last month, as teams of church members have come into our space at the Sanctuary Campus to repair, restore, and redecorate the rooms so they are ready for new worship and ministry this fall. We’ve held a number of work days over the last month, and we’ve done everything from vacuuming every chair and re-organizing our storage space to putting together new café furniture and building the whiteboard so our kids have a fun place to draw their prayers. And all in the lovely warmth of the Tucson summer!

I cannot thank enough all of you who pitched in to lend a hand. Your skills, creativity, and energy have been tremendous gifts not just to our church but to the community as well. As we are getting closer to the relaunch of our worship services on Aug. 20, we have felt renewed excitement over our dreams for ministry and how we will use our space to care for others.

In the Bible, there’s a psalm about the Temple (Psalm 84) – and the writer reflects on how the birds build nests and find their home with God in the trees, but for we humans, we find our true home in the “house of God.”

I pray that through our ministry at St. Mark’s (now at two sites!), our neighbors will discover, for maybe the first time, that they have a home with God.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
Pastor Kevin
Sanctuary Campus Pastor


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