Our two-year-old foster grandson loves to build. He has some soft connecting blocks given to him by a child of our church who had outgrown them. He joyfully puts them together, making dinosaurs and bridges. He also loves trains and puts wooden pieces and bridges and tunnels together, over and over. When he’s making towers he’s beginning to learn that what’s at the bottom—the foundation—makes all the difference.

We have many builders in our church. By this I mean people whose work involves building homes or other structures, or the pieces of them like wiring, plumbing, and furniture making. We also have many engineers whose work varies from designing computer parts to managing mines. Some people build or maintain roads or washes or parks. Just think about all those whose work includes building something or the parts of something. They all know that what’s at the bottom or at the beginning—the foundation—makes all the difference. That may be the needed education or design plans or the concrete foundation laid carefully.

For several weeks, we’ve been talking about our work (what we do with our daily lives) and our faith. This Sunday, Nov. 18, we’ll talk about builders and building and how faith makes a difference in their work. Perhaps we’ll go a little deeper—what is the true foundation of faith that makes a difference in daily life? What’s at the beginning of a strong foundation for living each day?

You see, someone or many people gave you a foundation on which to build your life. Which Sunday School teacher did that? Which youth leader who built homes alongside you on a mission project? Which pastor or friend told you that you were loved and forgiven when that foundation of faith seemed far away?

The Scripture says, “Remember, there is only one foundation, the one already laid: Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 3:11 (The Message)

Foundations are vital. This weekend before Thanksgiving, we give thanks for foundations and those who help to build them.

Thanksgiving blessings, Sharon