Our Pastors and Their Roles

At Annual Conference this year, I took photos with several former Associate Pastors from here at St. Mark’s. You’ll see in the photo above Jonathan Arnpriester (1992-1996), Jennifer Hageman (2006-2011), Tom Jelinek (2005-2006) and DeeDee Azhikakath (2002-2005). Of course, these aren’t all of our Associate Pastors, but these do send their greetings to St. Mark’s!

Pastors are appointed to ministries of Word, Order, and Sacrament. We share the Word through teaching, preaching, and other avenues. We Order the life of the church by providing leadership to committees and volunteers and staff. We share the Sacraments of Baptism and Communion. Pastoral Care is important as well, sometimes landing in the arena of Word, sometimes Order, and sometimes Sacrament!

Over the years, we have had a different number of pastors, both full-time and part-time. In this season we are currently entering, we have three pastors, but we are divided into two locations. As a result, we are redefining what each pastor’s role will be. I am sharing that with you now.

I will continue to be the Lead Pastor or Senior Pastor. Both are appropriate titles, and I tend to use them both interchangeably, to the chagrin of some leaders here! Ultimately, I am the head of staff, the vision caster, the one who plans and leads worship most often. I will be the main preacher at the Magee campus, although you will occasionally see me at the Sanctuary campus. I oversee the administrative committees — Trustees, Finance and Endowment, Staff-Parish Relations and Counselor-in-Residence committees, and so many more!

Pastor Kim Ogle will step into the title of Associate Pastor. Pastor Kim is a familiar face at St. Mark’s, having been our youth director for numerous years before accepting her call to ministry of the wider church. She is a local pastor in the United Methodist Church and continues to participate in the Course of Study School, meaning she is taking classes throughout the year.

As Associate Pastor, Kim will oversee the Discipleship ministries of the church, including the Christian Formation team, age-level ministries and Adult Spiritual Growth. She will also oversee our Pastoral Care ministries. She is starting work now to form a team that will, in addition to the pastors, actively visit and care for our church. She will visit in hospitals and care facilities and homes, and empower others to do so as well. She will oversee our prayer ministries and connect with the Early Childhood Center’s board.

Rev. Kevin Lester will be our Sanctuary Campus Pastor and will oversee our ministries of Justice and Outreach. Pastor Kevin was recently commissioned Provisional Elder in the United Methodist Church, a huge milestone in his ministry. He will attend the Residents in Ministry (RIM) retreats throughout the next two years, in addition to some additional seminary classes he will need to take.

Pastor Kevin will mainly focus on the work of the Sanctuary campus. He will be the primary preacher on that campus, working closely with me on what themes and messages we are giving each week. Pastor Kevin will lead both campuses in ministries of justice and outreach. He will work with the Church and Society committee and will eventually oversee the Missions committee (although Pastor Kim will continue this now). Most importantly, he will oversee our outreach into the community, ensuring that St. Mark’s is fulfilling our goal of taking church out into the world and reaching out to people. The Sanctuary campus already has a team in place to do some of this work, and we will expand that to the Magee campus, ensuring that we are reaching into the community to invite people to join us.

We are grateful for the gifts God has given each of our pastors, and we invite you to pray for us as we follow God in leading the church. The pastors are only part of the ministry of St. Mark’s, however. You have ALL been given gifts by God to use in this world. I pray that you discover how you are being called to serve the church, that we might in turn serve the world.

See you soon,
Pastor Lynn


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