Pumpkins, Patches, Prayers—and Volunteers!

By Rachel Mosher
Youth and Common Grounds Coordinator

October is always a very busy time in the youth department. From the moment the pumpkin truck backs up until the pumpkin patch fence is dismantled and picked up in early November, I am busy busy and go go go. It’s a sure bet that if you need me, I’ll be out in the pumpkin patch! Or if you need something from me, my answer will be, “Can I get back to you in November?” The St. Mark’s Pumpkin Patch has really become somewhat of a staple in our community. People who came to our pumpkin patch as kids are returning WITH their kids and it is so fun to see.

Our patch may look a little (or a lot!) different this year. All of our decorations and supplies were in the storage room that burned in early August. But the important parts—the pumpkins—will be there!

I was away at a National Young People’s Ministry Gathering last week in Hawai’i. When planning for next year’s gathering, I mentioned that later in October would be hard, due to Pumpkin Patch; so many other churches represented said they either do or have in the past participated in this organization’s Pumpkin Patch fundraiser! Another cool piece of connectional ministry.

Our pumpkins come to us already priced and the system is pretty cool! Pumpkins are priced based on circumference. We simply record the day’s earnings and report back to the company. At the end of the season, our portion is calculated and we send the rest back to Pumpkin Patch USA! It’s such a good system, we don’t have to worry about losing money for rotten pumpkins, and we are guaranteed to not lose money.

Thank you in advance for your help selling pumpkins, for spreading the word, and for buying these orange (and sometimes green and peach) pumpkins! The youth truly appreciate your support.

See you at the Pumpkin Patch!

The pumpkins are coming! Please plan to help unload at 2 p.m. THIS SUNDAY, Oct. 15. If you have never seen the pumpkins come off the truck before, you are in for a treat! There is a job for everyone! Also, if you are able to take a shift or two staffing the pumpkin patch (especially while the youth are at school!) please sign up at this link. (This information is also available on the front page of the October Messenger newsletter.)



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