Thank You, Veterans

On this beautiful fall day, schools are closed, banks are closed, and the post office is closed. On this beautiful fall day, we pause all that we do as a nation and as a community, and we give thanks for those who have served in our Armed Forces.

As you know, Veterans Day began as Armistice Day to celebrate the end of World War I and to promote peace. Armistice Day became Veterans Day by an act of Congress in 1954, changing its purpose and scope. President Eisenhower called on the nation to remember the sacrifices of those who fought in all our nation’s wars, to celebrate the contributions of all veterans of military service, and to rededicate ourselves to the task of promoting an enduring peace. It is Eisenhower’s call that remains the threefold purpose of Veterans Day: remembering those who fought and died, celebrating all veterans, and promoting an enduring peace.

So today we pause to give thanks.

Thanks to our World War II vets. From our Navajo Code Talkers to our pilots to those with their feet on the ground in that war, we say thank you. We have WWII vets in our church – one of our own made the newspaper, celebrating his 92nd birthday by flying in a WWII-era plane! (See photos and a video here.)

Thanks to the veterans who served in the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Those who didn’t get a hero’s welcome when they returned. Those who face the effects of the chemicals used. Those who endured things that they never talk about. Thank you for your sacrifice.

We say thanks to those who served in Desert Storm and in the days after 9/11. Those who left this desert for another around the world. Those whose injuries are more complicated and difficult to recover from. Those whose PTSD make it impossible to sleep at night. Thank you for your courage.

We say thanks to those who served more recently. Those whose spouses are right now deployed elsewhere. Those whose children are in uniform this day. Those who serve their country today, we say thank you.

We give thanks for veterans today, and for those who serve currently. We give thanks for the sacrifices that they made so that conflicts and wars can end. We give thanks for those who put others and country above self, as they put their lives on hold to work for the ultimate goal of peace. We give thanks for the courage and selflessness and sacrifice of all of our veterans. Thank you.

May this day not be simply a day of shopping and cookouts. May it be a day that we remember those who fought and died. May we say thank you to those who served. May we pause to pray for peace.

See you soon.
Pastor Lynn



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